Hello Ankara!


Last night was the longest I slept on this trip with a whopping 4 hours!!! However this morning was far from easy as we had to pack for our trip to Ankara with a weight limit of 33 lbs. I came to Turkey with 49 lbs in my suitcase and about another 20 lbs. in my carry on, so tough decisions had to be made on which of my favorite tops I could bring and which ones I leave behind in Istanbul.

Once we got the bus all loaded up we set out for an easy morning at the Istanbul Museum of the History of Science and Technology. Even though Dr. Naim was leading us astray through the city. Don’t tell him, but he lacks direction, but thankful Maricarmen came through and saved the day with her Turkish skills. The museum was very informative and filled with a bunch of cool artifacts we couldn’t touch. Even though we came for the museum I think the highlight of everyone’s day was the beautiful rose garden it was located in.

After we ate lunch we headed to the airport where Dr. Naim led us again in the wrong direction to the wrong airline counter. As I stood in line for my boarding pass having heart palpitations due to my luggage potentially being overweight a sighed a sense of relief when it was under weight limit. As we waited at our gate half our group received some of the most amazing massages in one of those fancy chairs. GSU take note, we should invest in a few! Once we boarded I almost took of the tray table in front of me due to clutching it to hard. I hate flying!!! I looked behind me and saw Sonia almost breaking Rebecca’s hand with her death grip and then realized I wasn’t the worst and that we would be all okay.

Stepping off that plane was the best feeling ever! Our luggage was already there waiting for us and we found our guides with no problem. Not only that, but guess what there is NOOOOO traffic in Ankara! It felt amazing to drive above 5mph on a interstate again! We got a little lost on the way to the hotel, but it wasn’t Dr. Naim’s fault this time we can blame the driver. It felt so nice to check into the hotel at decent hour in order to have time to get rejuvenated for tomorrow’s adventures.


This website is simply a classroom project that uses a conventional study abroad trip, student talent, and faculty expertise to fill an important information gap concerning Turkish politics and the Syrian crisis. Overseen by faculty mentors Dr. Abbas Barzegar and Dr. Rashid Naim of Georgia State University, advanced graduate students and undergraduates from various disciplines were placed in small working groups tasked with explore key subject areas. They did this by conducting research before their trip and interviewing experts. During their three-week trip they continued this process as they visited NGOs, think tanks, and cultural sites. Every day they documented their experiences through the content material that can be found on this site. See this brief article about the project for more information.





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